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Excuse me sir
, could you spare me some change? Could you give me some money? I haven’t eaten for days. I’m hungry.

Today is the happiest day of my life.
I finally found the way to forget.
I wish I could forget.

A Poor Man

My ancestors were wise and poor.
My sons will be strong and poor.
My daughters will be graceful and poor.
I am wise and strong and graceful and poor.

Growing up, I was a bird.
Then, I grew up to become a silent pawn.
I don’t know who raised me.
I don’t remember my values.
All I know is that I know nothing.
I am wise. But poor.


All my children – for Yianneis

All my children have grown up in the fields behind my house.
All my dreams have fallen down in the fields behind my house.

All my hopes have gone, drowned into the principles of  “non living”.
All my tissues have gone red from the blood coming out of my mouth.

All my issues  –
All my ropes  –

All my children have gone dead.
And now they’re dead.-


Anthem – for Yianneis

No flags for me
No symbols for my boys
No ethics for my ethic
Immoral once and for life

I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.
I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.

No Beatles for my relatives
No sibling for my siblings
Deaf  I was born
Mute I become.

I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.
I want to kill you brother
He wants to kill me, too.
I want to kill you brother.            
I want to kill you brother.

I’m always curious..     
What am I supposed to be, standing alive here,
in and about my existence of old bricks, old blood ,old hair ,no hair, *nobody loves me*, no invisibility, *No country for old men*,
*no ,no, no you don’t love me ..*
No. I’m not.
No. I’m not.

Have a great night.
And thank you all for coming again.-


The sketch – for Yianneis

I know a girl
that lives in a pearl
I’ve seen her once.

She was sitting on a bench,
feeding ducks beside a lake
“The lake of wishes”, full of coins

If I could just swim through all these wishes
Maybe I‘d find out what she misses

Maybe I’d wish her wish was mine.
But, of course,
you cannot make yours
other people’s wishes.
That would be odd.

I know a girl
who lives in a pearl
I‘ve seen her throwing her wish into that lake
The coin, oops! slipped out of her hand
Her wish now lives in “no man’s land”

I drew a sketch, a view of the girl
I drew her living in a pearl.       


just some more questions
have you ever lost a wish ?
how many coins are there left in your pocket ?
could you give me one ?
may I borrow your wish ?
..really odd, huh?                                                   


Trapped – for Yianneis

Rescue me with love,
Till somebody will set me free.
Rescue me with love,
Till somebody will set me free.
Rescue me with love,
Till my body will set me free.
Rescue me with my love,
Till my body will set me free.


What is this my Love? – for Yianneis

What is this my love?
your words?
or maybe my disaster?
Is this light my love?
Is this light I see you holding? or darkness? and light again?
Or have you turned into a lighthouse?
please, stop turning.-

What is this my love?
Is this flowers that you’re holding?
or maybe your new game of thorns?
and what a smell. what a sweet smell.
like a woman in a coffin.

Is this blood my love?
Is this blood I see you bleeding?
Is this birth I see you giving?
Is this pain I hear you screaming?
Is this-

What is this my mind?
Is it my birth?
Is it my death?
Is it me?
Is this death I hear you singing?
Is that me in the coffin again?

How many times have I died for you?
Don’t you ever dare to release me.


The Lake

Sometimes I feel so happy, I think I’m gonna cry.

I want to cry but then my mind keeps falling back in time.
That moment when I started crying and never stopped since then.

I started crying once and never ever stopped again. Long ago, when I was young,
the day I woke up for the first time.

You ask, where are the tears then?
I say, happy as I am, tears would burn my smiles.
People would think I’m sad.
So, I decided to keep my tears inside,
where I have this lake of tears
for over a hundred thousand years.
My ancestors also cried
and used to keep their tears inside.
The Lake of Tears, they said it was.
I’m telling you! Same lake as mine.
Years and years have then gone by.
My ancestors, they still cry,
The never ending cry.

I grew up drinking water from that lake.
My knowledge got salty.




Father, Oh Father, Oh Father, Oh!
Father, Oh Father, Oh Father, Oh!

Father, don’t kill your children.
Father, don’t kill your children.
Your children were born by dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs, don’t eat your father.
Dinosaurs, don’t eat your father.
Your father is a man who lost his way.

Father, take us to the house of the rising sun. Father, take us to the house of the rising sun.

Oh Lord, don’t forsake your flock. Oh Lord, don’t forsake your flock.
Your flock was fooled by an enlightened wolf.

Shepherd, Shepherd, Shepherd, Shepherd…

Our fate was fated long ago.


“Then Jesus spoke again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world; he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12


Wet from the inside, too

I saw people falling, having forgotten about the times it used to rain, having forgotten all about the wet streets. One by one. And then more and more of them. All of them. Falling.
And some of them tried to stand on their feet again. Indeed. And some of them managed to stand. Not all of them.



“I’ll hide me from the sight of Day,
And sigh, and sigh my Soul away.” 

The Fairy Queen, Z 629/40: “O let me weep”

A Little God

Cry cry little God. Let it rain. Let our faces suck in the rain. Wash our faces from the sins. Wash them. Wash them.
Cry little God.

It’s time we welcome the rain.
It’s time we wash ourselves forever.
It’s time we drink the holy water.
Our souls need rest.
My mom used to tell me
“Don’t play with other people’s souls”.

Here we are in front of this miracle.
All of us, martyrs of our own resurrection.

Save us, save us little God.
Blessed we lived, ashamed we die.
Take us with you, put us on your right side.
Let us live for ever.


Oh what a miracle.
This water.
I clean myself from the sins. Look. Oh, it’s so good.
So many sins.
Oh what a blessing.
Sacred water.
Holy water.

But, it tastes like every other water.
Is it really the holy water?
Am I truly clean and free of my sins now?
Give me a sign, oh Lord. Please, don’t let me be misunderstood.
I am who I am. I know what I know.
I want to believe, but this water tastes like every other water.

There will be a time when people won’t have to excuse themselves about anything.
They will just die when they feel like dying.
Innocent, small and white. Like this little God.


I have wings

I got a shadow to help myself, protect my wings from the burning arrows of the sun. The sunbeam is my enemy, it takes my power away as I’m flying above you, I smile knowing what you don’t know, having what you don’t have. I have wings.



I tried to catch a butterfly, that flew above my head.
A thousand colors on her wings; a thousand colors on her wings.

A hundred reds, a hundred greens, a hundred yellows, browns and pinks. Five hundred whites -they carry light, I feel too scared to let them in. What would I do with all this light? How would I look? Would I still cry? 

Pride is my food, fear is my drink, vain is my life, but full of bliss. Where I can’t look, will be my shelter. Where I can’t breathe will be my home. What I can’t stand will be my power, what I can’t bear will be my force.

A newborn baby on my lap, a boy, the hero of my life.

A newborn baby on my lap, I wonder if this champ is me. He looks like me, he cries like me, he tries to stand and falls like me.
He cries like me, he falls like me, his legs are broken just like mine. He eats from pride, he drinks from fear, that’s why he is afraid of light.-


I’m half

My father has four hands.
To beat me times four.
My mother has two hearts.
To love me times two.What’s left of me is half.
I used to be a full.I have two hands,
I have two legs,
I have a heart,
I am still half.I hate, I love, I sing, I cry.
I am still half.I am still half.


A Little Window

I drew a window inside my cell
To see the sun, to breathe the air.

I drew a tree,
I drew three birds.
To sit and hear them sing their prayers.

One day, my window wasn’t there.
My heart was wounded, sad.
No air.

I missed the tree
I missed the birds
But, most of all I missed the prayers.

The light I missed.
The hope, the flame.

I lost my sight.
I couldn’t see.
I was blind.



A Little World

There was a little little world.
With dogs and cats and kids and wolves.

The wolves felt lonely and alone.
This winter stroke us to the bone.
The kids were scared, the dogs were sleeping.

There were no mothers or fathers or teachers or priests in this little world. Or poets. Only little people around. Grownups. Musicians, I think.

So, kids and wolves were sleeping together.

Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.
Kids and wolves sleeping together.


A Little Prayer

The night has come
My body is weak
My mind is lit with fire and wind
I should pray for my people
My people, my people
I begin to pray
I am loud
I want to be heard
To those I’m praying for
I have to pray for my people
My people, my people
My people are thousands


The Sun

All this blackness became light when I looked straight at the sun.

I kept looking and he began to play with my inner thoughts. Creating images, growing a mustache. My Father has a mustache. But, did the sun look like my father? No. But yes, he did. He does.

The sun is my father.

But, my father is black and blackness he brings out. Then, it must be me, making fantasies again. I hadn’t done this for years. It doesn’t matter. I needed light and I created light.

I don’t know if I’m trying to save myself or my father. Probably, this is for my father. Then, he should thank me. I’ve turned his blackness into light. Pure light.

Yes, my father is the Sun.


Then, he thanked me, we shared a warm, uncomfortable hug like never before and never spoke to each other again. Glory!


Our fathers never said I love you.
They would never say such a thing.


I killed a boy

I tried to write a poem, my friend.
I failed to finish it.

I’ve lived my life amongst raccoons and hamsters.
I cry my friend, I cry.

I’m full of guilt.
Diamonds and pearls.
I’m full of guilt, I killed a boy.

I had a dream.

There was a little boy
with red fake hair and a fake heart of fake gold

I killed the boy, my friend.
I killed the boy.

The boy is free, now.
The boy is free, my friend.

I tried to write a poem.
A hymn about life and grace.
I failed to finish it.

My poem is dead, and raw, and rotten.
And raw, my friend, and rotten.
But true, my friend.
And rotten.


Like a brick

What’s that noise coming from the other room?
Who’s there behind that door?
What’s the matter?

Is it a lion roaring?
Is it a mother screaming?
Is it a father raging?
Is it a boy becoming a man?
No, it’s a girl becoming a woman.

I met a woman once, who never was a girl.
She said she lost her childhood when thunder brought the rain.
The rain that drowned her poems
The rain that wrecked her dreams
The rain that took her prince away and turned him into a brick.

“Oh, brick, pretty brick.
Rain, bring me my prince back!
I promise to take care of him, to never let him down.
I’ll be the other half of him.
He’ll be my world to come“

The prince heard and refused to come.
He’d rather be a brick.
His heart was broken once before.
He’s empty.


A Little man

Once upon a time, there was a man, a little man, that walked amidst dirt and
mud. Little as he was, he often fell in the dirt and the mud. His small feet got
stuck there in the mud and he couldn’t go on his road.
He laughed. Every time the mud engulfed him and the dirt made him filthy, he laughed.
He would turn his face towards the sky and laugh. His face illuminated.
He was a very small man. The smallest man you have ever seen. 

He never grew up.  He had his little hands and his little feet• that’s why he got stuck in the mud.
And peeling himself out, he laughed. He always looked up and laughed.
And he would greet everyone. Wherever he passed through, he greeted everyone.
Well, this little man knew where there was the light. And he also showed it to me.
He knew• this little person, he knew where there was the light. I am deeply thankful to this person, this small man. Yes, the smallest person you have ever seen. He showed me the light.


Forgive me father – for World Dog

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
My soul got shallow, my mind has spinned.
Into this world,
I lost my mind
I lost my faith
I lost my temper
I got angry
I got anxious
I’m an anxious man.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
“Deaf I was born,
Mute I become”I lost my wisdom.
I got sad. I am sad.
Oh God!
My faith has broken
My voice has sunk

I wish one day
I lose my sight
I won’t see happiness
And people’s godsI wish one a day
I cannot hear people’s prayers.
So I’ll make mineMy prayer will be false
My hymn will be wrong
My music will be wrongI will be wrong
It will all be wrong
 Human as I am,
I will be wrong.

Is the world doing something wrong?
Or have I been born by mistake?
Then, it shouldn’t be my fault.
My mother is the sinner.

Forgive her father, for she has sinned.
Save me. Now, save me.-

Take my mother, father.


I’m Batman

(a silent performance)

A man that stands for a moment gasping for air.

I can’t breathe.

But, but I can….. hide!

What do you think about that?

I am Batman!

I drink people’s blood.

I live in caves and I sleep with my head hanging upside down.

No, I’m a liar!

I speak to tell lies.

I mean the least of what I say.

Look into my eyes. There is nothing!

Yet, I need you to trust me.

I have come to become your shepherd. I tell good stories.

I tell the best stories you’ve ever heard.

Come, it’s time to sleep.

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd. His name was, ..me!

No, no, NO! I’m JOKER!

I killed Batman a long time ago.

I buried him a great good deal under my childhood bed.

But they have never told you that.

They never tell you the truth.-

He bursts out with laughter.

Then he weeps.

He laughs again.

He stops.

He doesn’t do anything.

He farts and the piece is over.


Louitzi – for IAVVV


Where are you Louitzi ?! Where are you??

Love is the remedy, Louitzi. Remedy for your soul. The soul, Louitzi.

Like the Indians say, Louitzi: “The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears.”

You’re young Louitzi. You’re young.

You know nothing. That’s good Louitzi. That’s a good thing.

Love Louitzi. Love will find you.

“Love will tear us apart.”

Have you told your mother, Louitzi?

Does your mother know you need love, Louitzi?

Whisper! Tell me your fears louitzi. What are you afraid of sweet child? Are you afraid Louitzi? Whisper whisper whisper!

What are hiding now Loutzi? Speak child. For The Lord’s shake!

What is your fear today Louitzi?

So, you are afraid to lose, Louitzi. You are a common child. Common children are the best, Louitzi.

Rejection is a true feeling, Louitzi.

Everybody feels it.

“Cause everybody hurts. Sometimes”

You have to accept the truth, Louitzi. The truth above us.

Thanks for the inspiration, Louitzi.


The chef 

I don’t wanna be anybody’s chief.

I wanna be your friend and you inspiring leader ..not in front of you, but with you.-

you give me onion and tomato, i give you back ..a nice refreshing salad all included.

you give me onion, i give back anything with onion

you give me nothing, ..

.. i feed you whatever I want. and you will eat it ..people have to eat.



Weirdthoughts -for Yianneis’ 3rd album

weird thoughts provoke my eyes to see more than ever expected. Weariness.


All poems are written by Voukefalas