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Athens, GR, Oct 2020 __ I/We am/are really excited delving into the world of Antigone, by Sophocles. An unbelievably powerful team of actors, singers and dramaturges amalgamated to create the team I’ll be working with on this new production, aiming to premiere late 2021 to early 2020, starting from Athens, GR. There’s also a producer involved and we’re still open to co-productions. This work will be an Architectural study on the relationships, based on the exercise ‘Reverse Dramaturgy’ that I suggest and apply in my classes. Find info in the ‘Teaching Philosophy’ section, in bio link @lfacting. Working title: “Kreon + Antigone Or How to admit you’ve been defeated.” Still looking for one more role - a queer pro singer - and will be announcing an audition in Athens, Thessaloníki and/or online - after I’ve received your demos/submissions - open to all ethnicities, ages, must be able to sing beautifully at a professional level - open to all genres, must be able to be in Athens during rehearsals and performances, roughly October 2021-March 2022. Audition procedure should be completed by Nov 5th. Please, send over a PM in my IG account @labros.filippou with a short video (up to a minute) of you introducing yourself, age, artistic field and singing 2-3 looong musical notes, with a slight to no vibrato. Speak in your native language. If it’s not Greek or English, please write also a message translating in English what you just said in the video. Thank you, @labros.filippou #kreon_antigone #antigone #sophocles #audition #theater #opera #singing #queer #queersinger #allgenders #nogender #nogenderroles #singer #soprano #tenor #performance #newproduction #athens #greece #nyc #festivals

The Peasant online show w/Matt Darriau Live from Barbes, Brooklyn | 3 Aug / 6pm

shot by Brian Love

The Peasant online show w/Matt Darriau Live from  / for a good cause | 20 July / 2:45pm EST | 9:45 Greece 

shot by Vassilis Spyrou in 2019, location: Karditsa, GR (hometown), ‘The Peasant’ show. *woman on the left is Labros’ grandma. She’s dancing as he sings.


“Manna” by And They Built Churches  and Georgios Cherouvim | June – 3:00 PM – online performance (debut)

‘manna’ An audiovisual performance by And They Built Churches and Georgios Cherouvim This act is an online live dialogue. A bi-directional improv work during the quarantine days. Melodic lines from the Byzantine musical womb and Countertenor vocals will meet with Shamanic voice drones, animal voices and rhythmic patterns. A liturgy about oneness. No samples will be used in this work. The algorithmically generated images evolve and shift between ambiguous shapes and the human form, in an elegant interplay between synthesis, metamorphosis and image decomposition. Labros Filippou (ATBC) – Live vocals Georgios Cherouvim – Visuals • Duration: 60min • YouTube link: • The performance will take place on the 14th of June – 3pm EST and the link will remain public for 24 hours.


starts on May 3rd
online workshop / every Sunday
Sign up now
per class or monthly commitment // platform: Zoom – participants will receive a private link to join class weekly

this is a worldwide calling for young artists (13+) We will work on dialogues, monologues, poems and songs, so this class is a great fit for artists who’d like to apply for Drama Schools, auditions, scholarships etc.
Why out of comfort zone? What does comfort zone really mean? What’s wrong with comfort zone?
All the responsibility is yours, all the choices, all the failure, all the success. In this class, every and any form and umbilical cord associated with social syndromes, forms of society, rules, prejudices, methods and techniques is dismissed, in order to provide space for the creation of a personalized “form” for the performer, based on their freedom of expression. Give no more directions to the artists. Let them do it their way.
SIGN UP today at *
shot by @alegi__


And They Built Churches (NYC)  Live Streaming at aejaa w/Chr. Atzinas (Berlin) Live Visuals

photo by Jim Alexandrou


@and_they_built_churches and @lfacting are two projects led by @labros.filippou.
The first one is about music and the healing power of the voice and its therapeutic frequencies. The second one is an exercise about freedom of expression.
These healing sessions will start taking place Friday, the 3rd of April, 4pm New York time, and will go on every Friday until early May.
Every session will be a combination of wellness and empowerment of the core. A moment of deep relaxation and spiritual ascension. Connecting with the inside.
Melodic lines from the Byzantine musical womb and Countertenor vocals from the Classical music world, will meet with Shamanic voice drones and rhythmic patterns, all created Live and only with voices.
Guest musicians might appear in some session and will be announced earlier.
The events will be streaming from the account of And They Built Churches on facebook and shared by all co-hosts of this event. Please, find and follow so as to be notified when Live streaming begins.
Earphones or good quality speakers are essential for these sessions to be fully received in their best quality and effectiveness.
Live Guided Meditation & Soundbath will be FREE for all to be pleased. Donation of $5-10 or more is strongly suggested. You can support this work and complete the energy circle by donating any amount through this link. Find in bio link and also in the “ticket” link of this event on fb.
Share this event with your friends or tag them under this post, if you’d like.
Much Love to everyone and welcome to a healing experience.
And They Built Churches
Info: bio link
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LFacting Announcement for a second research team creation and one artist or group residency. #online #classes

Thank you so much for you interest in regards to my recent calling about the team I wanted to create, that will consist of people who will work with us as a research team and collaborators on the dramaturgical analysis on a specific project chosen by the artist in residency. The submissions were more than I could fit in for this project with the subject: “woman in tradition and how we can redevelop her status through art”, that the artist I’m coaching chose. This encouraged me, though, to go on and announce the creation of a second research team. But first, I’ll have to find the next artist or group in residency. Artists need to send me a proposal for a project in development or ready to start developing. Please, send me your proposal at Then, I will proceed with the formation of the research team that will work for this project. The team will consist of 5-7 people. The participants have to understand and speak English fluently and be professionally related to one or more of the following fields: Theater, cinema, dance, music, poetry, installation art, literature-linguistics, psychology – specializing in group therapy, sociology, political science, neuroscience, architecture, anthropology, physics, chemistry, biology. Classes will be two-hour long and will take place every Saturday, 12pm NY time. This is an open call worldwide. This workshop will start on the 11th of April for the artist/group in residency and the 18th April for the research team. It will go until the 20th of June. The cost for the artist in residency is $550 (+$150 for every artist, if it is a group) and for every participant in the team $120 total. Thank you and looking forward to receiving your submissions. Please, tag, forward, share this with your friends. * shot by @labros.filippou @lfacting * shot by @alegi__ #residency #artistresidency #artistinresidence #art #actor #performer #theater #psychology #neuroscience #sociology #music #band #installationart #director #writer #worldwide

LFacting - research team creation announcement

Next Thursday, April 2nd, 7pm Greece time, I’m opening the class I have with a brilliant Greek artist based in Berlin.
This opening-calling is about a group of people I would like to create, which is going to be a research team and a collaborator on the dramaturgical analysis. This team will consist of 5-7 people who will audit the class, keep notes and get involved in the development of the project of the artist as consultants.
The project’s theme is “woman in tradition and how we can redevelop her status through art”. The basic means of the performance are music, voice and performance.
The rate will be 10 euros per person, per class and the classes will take place weekly for two hours, until the end of May. This classes language will be Greek for dramaturgical reasons.
Submit at
Thank you,

424 Caton Live Streaming Concerts ft. The Peasant |23Mar and every Monday / 5:30pm NY time

shot by @alegi__

Starting on the 23rd of March and every Monday, the 424 Caton Live Streaming Concerts will take place in our living room. Wear your pajamas and join us for some Dionysian avant-garde jazzy world sounds.
Like The Peasant page on FB and follow labros.filippou on Instagram and wait for it! Show starts 5:30pm New York time.
Invite your friends!
* Athens (GR) 11:30pm
* Rome (IT) 10:30pm
* Beijing (CN) 05:30am
* Tokyo (JP) 06:30am
* Canberra (AU) 08:30am
* Los Angeles (USA) 2:30pm
* London (UK) 9:30pm
* Berlin (DE) 10:30pm
* Paris (FR) 10:30pm
* Amsterdam (NL) 10:30pm
* Vienna (AT) 10:30pm
* Zürich (CH) 10:30pm
In the living room:
Labros Filippou on vocals
Matt Darriau on reeds
..more to be announced
This is going to be the house band playing, indeed, as it consists of people who actually live in the house!

#StayHome as we do! We will be staying home and perform from there, having with us the musicians of the house – 424 Caton Ave is a big house with incredible musicians living in it.

Live streaming will be FREE for all to watch and enjoy! Suggested donations $5-10 or more via If you don’t want to use the already existing tiers, please use “make a custom pledge” at the bottom of the page putting any amount you’d like. If you would like to do a one-time donation, you can cancel subscription right after payment, as this platform works with monthly subscriptions.

Check here what this might sound like:

Blessings to all,

THE PEASANT Live @ Berklee, Boston (cancelled) | 12Mar / 8pm / guest of The Greek Ensemble of Berklee Music College and Beth Bahia Cohen

THE PEASANT Live @ Barbès, Brooklyn | 10Mar / 7pm / w/Matt Darriau, Panos Aivas, Max Kutner, Mathias Kunzli
LFacting + Ania Lesniak collab Workshop + Sound bath in NYC | music and traditions in body and soul| 6 Mar @Dayayogastudio
Scholarship announcement:

Scholarship announcement: Throughout the years, I’ve been offering scholarships to artists that needed to take a workshop or several classes, but couldn’t afford it at that time. It’s time for another one. I announce a full 3-month scholarship for one artist or theatrical/dance/music group (band), starting this March. This isn’t part of the monthly workshops I’m doing in New York, but a separate worldwide calling that occurs to private coaching for an artist or group from around the world. Classes are going to take place in a weekly basis, through Skype, in English or Greek. I’ll be assisting the artist(s) to better understand, manage and lead their craft in its best volume. The artist/group needs to send me a cover letter, including age, artistic field and anything you’d like to share about your vision and work. Also, please, write a paragraph describing why you’d like to take these classes, as well as why you can’t afford them at the moment. There will be a review of your email followed be an interview and if it all looks like a good fit for this calling, then we start working. Send your email at and confirm with a DM in this account’s inbox. Thank you and looking forward to your messages. Let your friends know. Best, Labros photo by Alex Giannakakis

THE PEASANT Live collab @ Barbès, Brooklyn | 20Feb / 6:30pm / poetry and harmonies w/Quince Marcum, Lee Taylor, Jay Rodriguez

shot by Brian Love

THE PEASANT Live @ Barbès, Brooklyn | 6Feb / 8pm / w/Matt Darriau, Panos Aivas, Adam Good, Philip Mayer
LFacting Workshop + Sound bath in NYC | 'out of comfort zone' | 2 February

‘out of comfort zone’ workshop
with Labros Filippou

a workshop about freedom of expression
an exercise about trusting the center and empowering the instinct

open to artists of all levels, ages, genres, genders, ethnicities, and non artists
* musicians bring your instruments

• Meditation + Sound-bath • Body + Voice exercise • Movement + Improv with text

Sunday 2/2
Daya Yoga studio
$40 early bird $45 day of   –    Click here to sign up

fb event

video by @alegi__

THE PEASANT Live @Golden fest, NYC | 17Jan w/Ismail Lumanovski & Inspector Gadje | 18Jan w/Matt Darriau's Paradox Trio

LFacting Workshop in NYC | The foundation of performance | 12 January

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

THE PEASANT Live @Drom, NYC | ft. Ismail Lumanovski & Keita Ogawa | 4 January

Tickets here

Captured by Vassilis Spyrou in 2019. Location: Karditsa, GR (hometown), ‘The Peasant’ show. *woman on the left is Asimo, Labros’ grandma. She’s dancing as he sings.
*poster by Mike Rafail

THE PEASANT, Matt Darriau and Max Kutner present the 'BYZANTINE 424' LIVE SHOW @Barbès, NYC | 29 December, 7pm

shot by Brian Love

THE PEASANT Live @The LetLove Inn in Astoria, NY | 17 December, 830pm

shot by Jim Alexandrou

LFacting Workshop in NYC | Freedom as the only comfort zone | 15 December

shot by @alegi__

And They Built Churches SoundBath @Daya Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, NY | 7 December

artwork by Snowhite

LFacting Workshop in New York | REVERSE DRAMATURGY | 9-10 November

Shot and designed by Mike Rafail (tap on photo to get tickets)

'The Peasant' Live in Athens | 8 October

Shot by Jim Alexandrou / Designed by Mike Rafail

'The Peasant' Live in Athens | (TBA) October

shot by Vassilis Spyrou

LFacting Workshop in Zurich | REVERSE DRAMATURGY | 28-29 September

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

LFacting Workshop in Berlin | REVERSE DRAMATURGY | 6, 7, 8 September

shot and designed by Mike Rafail


LFacting Workshop in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras GR | "Jason and Medea" Workshop and Performance

28 Aug. – 1 Sept. / Athens
11-15 Sept. / Thessaloniki
21-25 Sept. / Patras

LFacting Workshop in Zurich, CH | 10 & 11 August

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

The Peasant Live in Karditsa, GR (hometown!!) | Postmodern Thessaly Fest | for a good cause | 4 July

shot by Jim Alexandrou, designed by enoziworld

LFacting Workshop in Athens, GR | 8-22 July

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

The Peasant  Live show in NYC | 25 June

shot by Jim Alexandrou / cropped

LFacting Workshop in NYC | 22 & 23 June

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

AND THEY BUILT CHURCHES Live in Los Angeles | 13 June | w/Max Kutner in guitar | light & paint by Adam Marz

Artwork by Snowhite

LFacting Workshop in SF | 22, 23, 24 March

shot and designed by Mike Rafail

LFacting Workshop in LA | 26 January