It’s nice to show gratitude. The times we live in can be important and irrelevant at the same moment, can be fast and loose, superficial and authentic, unreal and hyperreal, all at the same time.

It’s nice to show gratitude. The more sense it makes for artists to share our art with our fans in all the internet platforms with no fee, the more it would make sense for the audience to be willing and enthusiastic about supporting an artist’s work by donating any amount they feel right every moment.

It’s nice to show gratitude. Our art is out there either because we uploaded it or someone else did.

Showing gratitude is like an informal fee or an authentic ‘thank you’ to an artist that you saw performing and/or listened to their music and videos, which kept you good company for hours and have given you inspiration and love in tough times or happiness.

Thank you for reading this and for kindly donating any amount you felt like at the moment.

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You can always offer this as a gift to someone.

Yours truly,

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