to unity and oneness, as promised

The Peasant 

Greek folk meets Baroque opera.
‘Countertenor operatic vocals meet the most instinctive side of human nature, the one that looks more like an animal than a civilized person.’
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frequencies and animal voices

A cappella

And They Built Churches


A hyperrealistic existential journey. Tuning in with the senses. An avant-garde sound-bath, where meditation music blends with psychedelic hues.
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‘manna’ is a collaboration between ATBC (audio) and Georgios Cherouvim (visuals). 


Melodic lines from the Byzantine musical womb and Countertenor vocals meet with Shamanic voice drones, animal voices, numbers and rhythmic patterns; a liturgy about oneness.

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KALIMERA means ‘Good Morning’ in Greek. 

This is a collaboration of ATBC & Sarantapozarousa

How you ever thought..
If you would sing, how would the imprint of your voice reflect in a wall? 
Would you be able to answer to your voice?


A digital pen and a looping voice.


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Yianneis were born in riotous Athens, GR, in 2009. They combine the precision of a classical orchestra with the creative chaos of any original punk band.

World Dog​

An amalgam of Baroque opera and Greek folk music, that sounds like drum n’ bass, jazz, psychedelia, drone. World Dog performed in 2014.