This photo was captured in Karditsa, GR (my hometown), during “The Peasant” Live show. Three generations in one still. The woman on the left is my grandma. She’s dancing as I sing.
I wanted to introduce myself with this image, because I consider this moment to be one of my most sensitive and precious ones on stage. Let’s say that this photo sums up my perspective about what kind of art I’m here to create.

shot by V. Spyrou

It’s nice to show gratitude. 

I am a Greek born countertenor artist, actor, director and teacher, based in NYC. I also write poems and compose songs. 

All under one umbrella: freedom of expression. 

I grew up in a small village. My inspiration comes from the mountains, the animals, raw tradition, folk culture and real people.

My active projects are AtBC, The Peasant and LFacting.

AtBC in action | manna project | collab/ w Georgios Cherouvim

And They Built Churches (AtBC) is the name of a project that was born during my time in Los Angeles, when I found the space to re-define myself, spending much time alone and literally having no-one to play music with. So, I started playing with myself… I mean, looping myself!

I play no instruments, so I only had my voice to play with. I started looping my vocals and creating a musical soundscape of melodies and frequencies. It was completely new for me and I felt it was totally crazy that I could do this on my own. It was also therapeutic, from the beginning. Then, I realized it worked the same way for others.

AtBC is a sound healing project, still a bit unconventional and very contemporary. The sessions are meditative, including psychedelic hues. ‘Psyche’ means soul (=ψυχή) in Greek, and ‘delia’ means obvious, clear, apparent (=δήλος). So, psychedelic is the state where the soul becomes apparent and that’s how I mean to apply it in the AtBC sound-bath sessions. I create an environment with Byzantine hymns, Countertenor vocals, Shamanic voice drones, animal voices and nature sounds, I even use numbers, all produced Live and it is Vocals only. No instruments, no pre-recorded samples.

The Peasant Live | Karditsa, GR | shot by enozi_world

Apart from AtBC, I also create music-theater performance Live acts, where I include some of the above elements, in a quite different way though. It is a Live stage composition that includes English spoken word poetry, Ancient Greek Drama and Shakespearean monologues, Baroque opera and Greek folk music.

This is The Peasant show.

I have an acting career, too, in tv series, movies and theater, which has been my starting point in arts. 

LFacting workshop | Salonica GR | shot by @alegi__

My soft spot lies with teaching workshops and coaching artists and artistic souls all over the world, all under one umbrella: freedom of expression. I also work with people with speech difficulties, people with blindness and more. As a teacher, I’m helping people move creatively beyond comfort zones and break the patterns that obstruct expression. 

This is LFacting

If you choose to support me directly, you’ll give me the opportunity to keep creating art exactly as I want to. Keeping all the values and beliefs high.

Support my work monthly  (Patreon) or one-time  (PayPal). 

Any amount is deeply appreciated from the bottoms of my heart, as what you’re giving me the opportunity to do is priceless, in all sincerity.

Let’s enjoy life and stay grateful.
This will make us move better in this world.

Thank you,
Labros Filippou

projects: The Peasant, AtBC, LFacting

Greek born / NYC based
Countertenor Artist, Actor, Director, Teacher


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